Different Brands Of Powdered Urine

How would you react if you had been cheered on a specific day for winning the gold medal in an athletics tournament, and were then booed when the sports authorities stripped you of the medal after they detected traces of drugs in the urine sample they had collected from you? The officials of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) regularly carry out urine and other tests on sportspersons to check if they are taking performance-boosting drugs. Taking banned drugs is a serious offense and you might be prohibited from participating in athletic tournaments for several years if you test positive. In case you are caught for the same offense a second time, WADA authorities will ban you permanently from participating in competitive sports.

How do other athletes pass the urine test?
Good question. In case you are not aware, the other athletes resort to cheating while giving their urine samples to the WADA officers. They purchase powder urine, drop it in the receptacle provided, mix it with water, and pass it on to the officer. The temperature, specific gravity, and the temperature of the fake urine are the same as that of natural human urine. Therefore it does not arouse the suspicion of the authorities who test the sample using a special device as soon as you have given them the sample to ensure that the urine is authentic. They will find no traces of drugs when they test your urine sample in their laboratory and provide you with a clean chit.

The problem
The authorities of WADA have discovered the trick that athletes use to test negative in urine tests with the help of fake urine. Previously, their personnel used to wait outside the urine collection room to prevent more than one person from entering the room at the same time. Nowadays, they send one of their personnel along with the sportsperson on whom the test is being conducted. The athlete has to physically piss in front of the WADA personnel. Does this mean that you can no longer use fake urine?

The good news
Manufacturers have come out with special devices that males and females can strap on their body. The slim battery-powered device has a pouch containing a mixture of water and fake urine. The battery powers a heating coil that keeps the mixture at the same temperature as that of freshly passed urine. Search online for Urinator review to find more about these gadgets. You should also search the net for coupon codes that permit you to purchase the Urinator device at discounted prices.

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