Passing A Test With Testclear

There are many jobs that you cannot get or retain if you fail a drug test. For instance, you cannot get into law enforcement, particularly the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies, without passing a drug test. Most workplaces, such as law firms, also have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use, so they normally conduct drug tests every once in a while. If you have used any type of drug, or you have been exposed to toxins that can make you fail a drug test, it is important you look for ways of making sure you pass the test.

Types of Drug Tests

There are many types of drug tests that can be done to identify drugs and toxins a person has been exposed to recently. However, the most popular are the urine drug test. The subject simply provides a fresh urine sample, which is taken to a lab for thorough screening. In the sporting industry, this is the most common type of drug test. However, a blood drug test may also be prescribed to test for certain drugs. Other types of drug tests include; a hair drug test and saliva drug test. When you read TestClear review, you will learn that there are ways to pass all of these drug tests. All you need to do is use the most suitable product provided by TestClear and you will be cleared.

How to Pass a Drug Test

Step 1: Get a Test Kit

There are different types of drugs that you might have used in the recent past. They range from marijuana and cocaine to methamphetamines and opiates. There are different ways of testing for these drugs. If you have been using more than one type of drug, therefore, the first thing you need to do is order all the drug test kits provided by TestClear and test yourself. If any of the tests turn out positive, you can start looking for a way to pass that test. TestClear offers a wide range of test kits that you may need.

Step 2: Get Into a Detox Program

TestClear offers a 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, 7-day and 10-day detox programs. The Toxin Rid detoxification programs are meant to flush out toxins from the body to ensure you can pass both the urine and blood drug tests. Depending on when you are expecting the drug test, you should buy the right detox program. For instance, if you have just been informed of an impending drug test in a day, you should buy the 1-day detoxification program. Once you complete the program, you can test yourself with the drug test kits to ensure you can pass any type of blood or urine drug test.

Step 3: Use Hair Purification Shampoo

Once you have cleansed your body and ensured you can pass a saliva, urine or blood drug test, the next step is to work on your hair. After all, a single hair strand contains accurate information of drugs you have used over a period of weeks or months, depending on the length of your hair. Since shaving all your hair is out of the question, you should buy a hair purification shampoo from TestClear. By washing your hair with the shampoo at least twice a day for a couple of days, you can remove all toxins from your hair. TestClear offers a variety of hair purification shampoos to suit the needs of different types of users, so you can easily find one that suits you best.

Step 4: Buy Toxin Rid Mouthwash

There is a chance that toxins may still show up in your saliva. The solution to this problem is simple and straightforward. Just buy a Toxin Rid mouthwash and use it to rid your mouth of any toxins. You can buy a screening kit to confirm that your saliva does not contain any toxins that might make you fail a saliva drug test.

Passing a Urine Test

There are many ways to pass a urine test. The first is to detoxify your body. The next is to cheat by using the best synthetic urine. You can put the synthetic urine into a urinator that looks exactly like a human penis and “urinate” into a cup. Even if someone is in front of you, they will not notice the fake penis. The third option is to use the Klear urine additive, which is added to the sample to neutralize any toxins the sample may contain. This will ensure you pass a urine test. Whatever the case, TestClear is your one-stop-shop for all your drug testing needs.

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